Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Fight For Your Soul

I almost walked away.
I truly love my management team.
But it seemed like they didn't like my original production.
So we had a fall out.
A lot of details being left out.
But with all the compromise we both respectfully made, it was destined to reach a point.
I blame my fans.
I spoiled them.
They expect raw soul, all the time.
They don't know what they already have.
I sincerely hope they listen and take heed to my wisdom,
"as ripe as it is."
I wish everyone who samples knew the compromise of the business side.
They don't want to take your soul.
They don't want to take the soul of the people.
I was under the impression that they did.
And for that, I blame old school hip hop.
No one wants to water something down.
But sometimes they can see things about a project that we (the artist) can't.

I'm not looking forward to performing.
Nothing due to management.
I don't like to be seen.
There is a higher reason why.
I guess I have to come out of that shell.

Everyone is asking about Sonic.
I am not being censored.
Many people made a very valued point about life seem like a punchline.
I'm very upset by that.
So is management.

I can't wait for the day you find out how right I am.
To ask means I don't know.
My lack of knowledge of self led to a rebellion that was so hurtful, I'd hate to be me a few years ago.

I'm not mad at Jimmy.
Stop asking.
"Y'all are gossiping gothically. I can hear you. You got to be Joshin' me."
My vision is about to go under wraps again.

People can't handle where I was going.
But those who know, understand.
If the whole world was in the know, there'd be no entertainment.

Accept what you have, as far as the limited knowledge you're given the opportunity to expound upon.
Don't bite my new format of blogging.
I'll know.


~follow the buzzards~

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