Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Well-informed Anarchy

When you're in the light, the darkness seems feeble.
When you reach the darkness from the light, nothing else matters.
The dark side has embraced me.
But I am in the light.
So the beacons of light in the darkness (eg. MF DOOM) "chronicle" my path.

Stay righteous.
It is not a mystery how.
Believe in yourself, keeping in mind the divine deities that follow you.

Against your will.
Without your knowledge.

Only a breath away.

My writing style and delivery have evolved.
I'm proud of my new music.
I'm just not sure about how much of what you NEED (musically) being given to you.

What you want is very much in the stash.
So is what you need.

Sometimes you get what you need, in the form of something you detest.
But you've asked for this.


~follow the buzzards~

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