Friday, 19 June 2015

Lighting fixtures.

I wish everyone would stop worrying about the damn Illuminati.
There's rich and there's poor.
There are secret societies.
Not every member is rich.
Why do you need to know so much?
The more you know, the bigger the danger.

There is nothing to avoid.
Just respect the creator.

Madonna did make it hot, tho.
She said she doesn't mind the artists behind Tidal being considered The Illuminati.
That just makes everyone paranoid.

She probably just said it for shock.

I once recorded in a studio that was once a Freemason temple.
That was pretty cool.
It was cold as hell in there.

I now see that putting Dilla's name behind anything is a marketing tool.
So I'm sorry I put the family through that bullshit.
I just wish there was a way to express my love for his work without starting any No Fly Zone beef.

Just left the dentist again.
Gotta get a root canal.

~follow the buzzards~

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