Friday, 12 June 2015

On the Road With Lupe

We may or may not do a song together.
He's very busy.
Also very cool.
I fell in love with Nikki Jean.
I been making myself proud with my live set.
I gotta stop smoking cigarettes.
Bad for breath control.

My music is getting progressively more positive.
That's my compromise.
I just went incredibly hard from 2012-14.
Fear and Kill the Reaper have the darkness tho.
I hope it'll drop soon.
I'm confident in the EP. 
The Black Box.
I just want my sound and technique to hit the surface.

Shout out to ASAP MOB. 
"We got two different styles, but we both down. And some things we didn't know, we know now..."

Spud Mack is possibly one of the illest cats on the underground. DEFINITELY be on the lookout for him.

There is a strong chance Kid Cudi will be on the album.
I think I might only write verses for features.
Just to keep KTT happy.

I am currently in an SUV, driving to Las Vegas.
I plan to post the lyrics to my music, so you can check out the word and letter play.

My darkest song is called "Entitled Title". 
I said some gay shit on there.
Though I'm not ashamed, nor do I regret it, I'm not gay.
Just exploiting how gay the music business can be.

At least Turn First doesn't get down with that gay shit.

As a rape victim, I felt I was entitled to experiment with my sexuality.
I plan to go deeper into this subject in the future.
I am not ashamed.
I stand up for rape and bullying victims.

Don't judge me.

~follow the buzzards~

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