Saturday, December 12, 2015

"Such a fine line..."

Alien Sex Fiend wrote a song called "I Walk The Line".
Charles Hamilton wrote a song called "Down The Line".
Eminem wrote a song called "Fine Line".

The three of us know all about the borderline between good an evil.

This is my journey.

To protect Silver, I'd do anything.
To inspire Shadow, I did everything.
I simply and unconditionally love Sonic.
Silver is at war with Shadow.
Sonic is the referee.
Shadow is the ultimate darkness, who harmed Silver senselessly.
Silver wants revenge.

At the same time, Silver and I had a very public fall out.
Let me explain.

Silver was Jeff.
The invisible bully.

Sonic follows and leads me, so Silver became an enemy to Sonic.

When Silver finally revealed her/his/its intention, the world was already up in arms.

We kinda shook up the world.

Universe, SEGA is not to be toyed with.
Sometimes they make me uncomfortable.
When they take other forms, they mislead what I already know.

Which is dangerous.

I can see it's not me, but damn.
I count for something.
My Christian "upbringing" conflicts with my alien superInfatuation.
I just want them to be happy with the world at large.

I wonder if the fall of mankind is my doing...

Too much weed, I guess.

I can stop smoking whenever.
I'm just looking for something.
Maybe "what I'm looking for, cannot be sold to me."

Once again, Incubus to the rescue of a doldrums day lost in the wondering of the creative.

~follow the buzzards~

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