Saturday, December 12, 2015

Minutes away.

So much has changed his year.
My hallucinations are getting the best of 9.
Drugs love me.
I'm hoping I have a faithful baby mother.
I'm hoping having a child doesn't ruin things for future.
I am full of hope.

And desperation.
And despair.

My EP dropped.
I had to come around to being excited about it.
I really got stronger with my own production.
This time around, I just let my bars do the talking.

Jay-Z did a number on what I believe.
I don't hate him.
We just have two completely different minds.
Though similar in a few ways.

Homeboy Sandman and I are getting pretty tight.
So is me and mom.
I called her a bitch last night, after a glitch in reality.
I always blame her.

Reality and Livy are at war.

It kills me not to talk about SEGA.
All of my questions are answered, but there are still the curious and the doubtful.
I took it upon myself to convert non-believers into loyal subjects of the SEGA hierarchy.
Now I just can't stop.

Spirit possession.

I can do it.
It was what I meant when I said "If I have it I give it, only to regenerate it in a minute."
But my ability scares me.
As well as many others.

I slept on how gifted my mother is with dealing with the world.

I gotta do some promo stuff. 
Be back later.

~follow the buzzards~

"Charles, do you really have a child and a baby mama?"

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