Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pressing shift.

So there was a huge shift in the universe this week.
The first week of the new year.
Silver is now in possession of Sonic.
Sonic is now in possession of Silver.
Sonic is working his magic from within Silver.
And vice versa.
Thing is, they never liked each other.

And once again, I'm in the middle.

Sometimes I wonder if I was set up.
Their turmoil gets me down.
They know it.
SEGA knows it.
But I end up in the middle of it all.

Since I got into evil, my relationship with God strangely has gotten tighter.
Kids, stay true to God.
Don't let my success fool you.
I went from being King to a pawn.

I wish the Hedgehogs well.
I really do.
I hope they're still with me.
I hope they know I love them.

All I can say for right now.

~follow the buzzards ~

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