Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Silence Becomes One

I'm gonna take another break from blogging.
The more I learn, the less I want to share.
I'm happy for Rita Ora.
I hope her fans forgive me for finding them annoying as all fuck.

I'm getting more and more into original production.
Also known as, beats without samples.
They are fun to make.
For me, they just require less skill than sampled beats.
I go hard with my samples.

So do my inspirations.

Actually, I might blog more often.
This is therapeutic.
I forgot how fun it is to blog.
I can say so much more.
Even if my audience is me.

For now.

My poop smells like purple haze.
Might be a sign to stop smoking weed.
When I leave LA, that's it for smoking weed without issue.
But that's probably for the better, too.
I just have to trust where my mind goes when I smoke.
Then go there on my own.
Then go there, on my own.

Sounds easier than it really is.

The subconscious is a hell of a world to dwell in.

Christina is pissed at me.
I had a girl staying with me for a few weeks.
We didn't have sex.
We just got close.

I probably shouldn't have told Christina about her, but I'm honest with Teenie about everything.
Might've lost her.

Hope I didn't.

Back to the music.
I'm not sue when the next time is that you guys will get some more music from me.
We're trying to get this album out sometime this year.
Mad technical red tape.
And on the real, I want to give you some more of my self-produced music.
I've been working very hard.
Very excited about where I've been going with my music.

More to say, but I just got inspired to make some more music.

~follow the buzzards~

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