Sunday, March 06, 2016

AlphaRetro Future

I do things in alphabetical order.
Especially in presentations.
It's a pretty recent development, but it works.
With that said, I am not choosing one side over the other with this piece.
Just trying to present a view of sound.

Nintendo makes music.
The difference is, Nintendo uses frequencies to produce music.
SEGA music is more live instrument based.
Yes, Nintendo makes cool music.
And it's cool to play their music on live instruments.
But SEGA makes real music.
Real, as in natural.
So it's more challenging to play SEGA music.

My whole career, I sampled music from, in, and around the SEGA universe.

Now, I'm standing at the doorway of the Nintendo Galaxy.
In there, John Nintendo is your creator.
He created this galaxy through music.
And an MPC 500.

And he has... or had, a beautiful wife.

Mary Nintendo.

Until he murdered her.
In cold blood.

John Nintendo has many secrets.
I'll elaborate as time passes.
But he has to wake up to fight his boss.


Who's identity in both the Nintendo and SEGA Galaxy remains a Gothic mystery.

To wake him up, I am turning samples into 8-bit chips.
With Force.

And playing them.
With my MacBook.

Thus, turning my laptop into an instrument.

I call this process OdDMinute.

I'm not finished exploring SEGA (😜), but we are facing a global emergency if I don't pay attention to Nintendo.
So I have to wisely divide my time between the two (2).
And music comes first.

I acknowledge the power of magick.

I'll be around.

~follow the buzzards~

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