Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cosmic Positive Reactions

The Reaper Series is getting critical reviews!
Thanks for the love!
Some people are saying it's as good (if not better than) The Hamiltonization Process.
Of course, I can never make those kids on KTT happy.
So it's back to the basics.
I came into this game with one intention.
I achieved that goal.
At this point, I'm doing it for the love.
And some financial stability.
I literally saw my dreams come true, despite the hardships.
I can do without a Grammy, though one would be cool.
So really, I guess I'm doing this for the people who want to see me in the mainstream.
Not even for myself.
I have my life figured out.
In fact, the person I'm doing this for isn't even in my life anymore.
It's funny, because when I decided I would do this for my mother, she passed away.
So there's really no real reason to continue to be in this business.
So if it isn't love, just keep your mouth shut.
If I hadn't announced the fact I wasn't going to write anymore, most of you would have nothing to say (pointing at that damn forum).

"All we do is show Charles love! Why does he attack us?!"

Because you guys don't know how much work goes into everything I do.
If Picasso took 3 years to make a stick figure painting, would you argue he wasn't working to his potential?
Even with the ability to record an album in a session, it still doesn't mean I'm not putting forth all of my creative abilities.

I am a master, and I am to be respected as such.
A master.

One of few.
And they know who they are.

In case they DON'T know, I released 2 new songs on my SoundCloud this morning.

Check them out, below.

Might be working on a project with Sammus soon.
I'm looking forward to that.
My Hamil-tendo days are just getting started.

~follow the buzzards~

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