Tuesday, March 29, 2016


So the J Dilla marking I carved in my arm has healed.
I can barely see it.
In fact, it's gone.
There's no point in carving if you're going to heal.
But you know eventually you'll heal from the scars you obtain outside of yourself.

Healing is natural.

It's been about 4 months since my mom passed.
I might be too numb to be bogged down by it.
I still have dreams about her.
None of which are pleasant.
But I do have positive memories.
I think, even though she was a home-towner, the pressure(s) of New York got to her.
So she took it out on me.
Doesn't mean she didn't love me.
I was just added stress.

Parents, don't be afraid to let your kids live a little.
They have to experience the world.
You're there to make sure they don't go too left.
Then again, if they go too right, you run the risk of them being pompous.

What could it mean to go left?

We all inherently have a sense of what's right and wrong.
What's vastly considered wrong is left.
What's vastly considered right is (well...) right.

Though of no cost and liberal, my earlier music was very "right".
I just didn't FEEL "right".
Or right.
Now that I've gone "left", I am more fulfilled.
I have met some outstanding individuals (C. Young, for example).
I found a type of love previously undiscovered.
My conscious is at rest.

But I feel bad for those who wanted me to continue on this "righteous path".
I know I said on Statik Selektah that "I offer righteousness and prosperity".
But that was a (censored).

I'm good at those types of things.

I think the very concept of pain (in it's most natural definition) is a curse from Nintendo, placed on SEGA.
At the same time, SEGA can inflict pain like no other.

As much as I love SEGA, I'm gonna keep things neutral.
Unfortunately, neutral starts with the same letter as Nintendo.

You know Nintendo.
You (can) believe in SEGA.

I will go all the way the f*ck in on 4/20, explaining every bit of this.
Including my role.

This might require some California daisies, if you know what I mean.
Today, of course.

So I'll be back on here later.

~follow the buzzards~

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