Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jump the Hamilton (3/6/16)

Seems like EVERYONE has something wild to say today.
My grandmother said I should stop putting out free music.
Chris Young (a new character in the Hamilton Universe; possibly Dilla) gave me a good "talking to" about saying I'm the CEO of Apple.

Two things I'm very passionate about.

I don't mind if you doubt I'm the CEO of Apple.
It's a heavy work load, and a 28-year old Black man would know nothing about running a Fortune 500 (primarily white) company.

But free music?

Me putting out free music is like paying tithes.
Despite how blasphemous my music can be.

And I know I talk too much in closed circles.

There's simply no secrets when it comes to me.
I know every secret.

People are concocting secrets (eg. Uber) to shock me with.
It's getting old.

Let's just get to what we came to do, now.

Shadow and I are at peace.
Mom (Sonic) is resting in peace (though immorta).
Grandma (Silver) is fine.

Then again, I might be jumping the gun again.
I might literally be making things harder on myself.
But what am I to do about further telepathic communication?

Do I have to cut the world off again?

It's not like they haven't cut/wrote me off before...

Shout out to all my female fans.
Though I doubt you'll understand what I go through, I know you guys deal with some real shit.

"Call it women's intuition, but I think I'm on to something here..."
-Incubus, "Just A Phase"

Ultimately, I want to do DJ sets of my original music.

Starting in NYC.
Possible country-wide tour.
Ultimately global, if Ol' Johnny Boy doesn't wake up.

There I go again.

Something I know that you don't, but still affects your everyday.

Such is frustrating, because my knowledge set is what has helped me survive thus far.

I think I need another Em album.

Then again, I might have to push myself to make another album

There we go!
Record again!!!

But who will hear it?
Without a label to clear my samples, it has to be free.

This sucks.
Good afternoon, world.
I get it.
Stop being so carefree.

~follow the buzzards~

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