Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I am The Sun.
I've known this for quite some time now.
I may be more, but for now, I'm simply The Sun.

I make music.
In fact, I make Sun Music.

As Rihanna so delicately put it, I make "Music of The Sun".

I have my own people.
They are People of The Sun.

The Sun is a star.

You are a Starchaser.

But much like the planet Saturn, I have a ring.


Joshua Halo Stevenson.

He revolves around me, and is always with me no matter where I go, whether I can see him or not.

As with many others.
Some you know, some you know well, and some you don't know a damn thing about.

J Dilla is with me.
At all times.

I love J Dilla.


It can be said that Halo put me on to Dilla.
But Dilla knows within that I been lovin' him.


Who's beats are iller?

First of all, why ask?

Second, I have this theory.

I prefer Halo beats, but Dilla's beats are godly.
I guess I just want to be closer to The Sun.

The being of whom I am.

Am I too hot to be followed?

Are you still reading?

~follow the buzzards~

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