Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Summer and I

I spent a lot of time recording outside of my retail album.
All the tracks I've recorded I'm very proud of.
Expect somewhat of a deluge this summer.

Summer being the best time to drop these, because I recorded them in sunny California.
Everyday is like a Harlem summer day out here.
I can't wait till you guys hear it.

I even got management excited about what I might drop.

I also want to dj more.
My music is fully digested when heard in a dj set.
And I have a very special dj set.
Trust me.

All I need is a decent venue and about two hours.
Guaranteed I'll have all y'all rockin to my rhythms.

I might drop a beat tape in the near future.
Just to let you know where I'm at production wise.
More to say, but I'm preparing to record another album.

If you guys could only see the process...

~follow the buzzards~

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