Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Reaper Series

Reaper is defined as a person or machine that harvests a crop.
So, are we as people harvested?
How grim is it to die, if you are merely a part of a harvest?
To play Devil's Advocate, how mere is it to be part of a harvest?

When you sign a deal with ANYONE (but especially in the music business), you become a crop.
Management harvests you, to the label.
The grim reaper(s) is/are the fans, as they determine the success of you and your craft.

I have my own reapers.
The doubt I can kill, but I can't avoid.
Fear is simply an aroma you can project; you just have to control it.
Frustration can be a sign of mastery.
So you feel frustration, the way you would a reaper.

Capital R in Reaper, by the way.

Below is The Reaper series.
I address my 3 reapers in a series of music, set to my own production (minus ONE Kanye instrumental).
Nothing written down (for the most part).
All organic.

Kill the Reaper (<---click here)

Fear the Reaper (<---click here)

Feel the Reaper (<---click here)

Here's to reaping the reward of working towards eternity and absolution. One of which will be achieved, in the long run.

Starchasers, feel free to make your own cover art. That's how you contribute to the music.

Thank you.

~follow the buzzards~

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