Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Shoom Effect

I regret how I treated Christina.
I was very cold to her.
She's beautiful and didn't deserve how I did her.
She was willing to risk her life for me.
All I was asking for was someone to share life with. 
Found her.
Lost her.
As a man, it feels good to be the one to end the relationship.
But how far does that get you when you're alone?
I miss her.
I'm bottling up so much.
I know she was hurt by the way I treated her.

I notice I been crueler to women in relationships.
Especially my more recent ones.
I need another wake-up call.
Or another chance at love.

Or maybe I'm in too deep with music.

It seems like the kind of focus that goes into being a master is what goes into being an ideal lover.
I can't give that to you.
Music is my sole provider.
It's a sacrifice, trust me.
But my work speaks for itself.

But I really love Christina.
I wish her the best.
She's gonna be just fine.

We all are.

~follow the buzzards~

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