Thursday, March 31, 2016


I seriously need to talk to someone at Republic Records immediately.
There is a gross miscommunication going on.
Can't miss out on an opportunity because of poor communication.
My mind is right, I'm in a good creative space...
The only issue is making sure all the players are on the right and same page.

So I've been talking about my 8-bit experiments lately.
Turning samples into 8-bit sounds and playing the original melody.
An example of such is "Rih-Assurance Policy".

I can reassure you I used force in that beat.

So can Rihanna.
And so can Drake.

(inside joke amongst women)

I have a lot of chip tune style beats like that one.
Expect to hear a lot of them in the coming weeks.

Happy to see nothing but positive remarks on ANTI-HAMILTON.
I worked (as usual) very hard on it.

I hope GarageBand doesn't hate me for this, but I got a Maschine on my birthday, and today I might install it on my computer.
I haven't had a good experience yet with it, but it's a gift, and it's worth learning.
You never know when you have to go to a studio where you're unfamiliar with the hardware.

I'm back on survival mode.

This time, with only the thought of romance.
Not with a tangible one.

Unless she's willing to wait...

~follow the buzzards~

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