Saturday, March 05, 2016

Vinyl popping.

Witchcraft is not meant for people.
Nonetheless gay people.
But many wiccans are gay.
I am not gay.
I am a Wiccan.

Proud of it.

Don't want to be removed from it.

I just need to stake my claim as a true Solitary Witch.

Being gay is considered a sin, but what's a sin to a 6?
I'm just not interested in being gay.
Unless it's with J Dilla.
Or Jack Splash.
I can't with George.
I admire him too much.

It's not even so much about being gay,
so much as it's the kind of bond I want to share.
I want to bond with my other 3 again.

I want 4 to rise again.

I want my 4.

I still have my doubts about Dr. Dre, but only because she has that evil ass grin.

Believe it or not, this is part of the process of making a beat.

Thinking about the intricacies of SEGA.

Don't try to bite my process.
I will know the difference.

I like my new form of blogging.
When I post lyrics from my songs on here, you'll understand why I do it this way.
I do structure my sentences in my songs.
In fact, I write paragraphs.

But my paragraphs (lately) have been in poetry form.

And my sentences now have the strength of paragraphs.

I got into this thing where I record single songs with the content of an entire album.
So when I got back into making albums, I started making my albums shorter.
Now, every album is about 6-8 songs long.

I think that's what Jimmy was getting at.
The depth of my songs are so that a listener can only take small doses.

I kinda killed that with "Catholic Illuminati: Infinite Psalms".

It's still online.
Find the download link at the bottom of the blog.

I'm out.
Records to find.

~follow the buzzard~

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