Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Wonder Twins power, ACTIVATED!"

The difference between SEGA and Nintendo is the difference between knowing and believing.
Belief is merely unconfirmed certainty, disguised as wonder.
Knowledge is damn near physical.
Because Nintendo is an 8 (because of the 8-bit music and graphics), and had a relatable character as it's franchise (Mario), it's more likely that people will accept that the world at large is Nintendo.
However, SEGA is a 4.
And 4 is a factor of 8, though divisible by 2.
2, thus becoming the bottom line.

Love can be shared by many.
It would just be expanded beyond recognition.
Love, when it's a 2, is more powerful than both SEGA and Nintendo.

I have love for Nintendo.

But I have yet to find a love of my own, nonetheless love for myself.
I'm conceited, but I'm not as connected to myself as I would like to me.

I might just put out an instrumental album.
Just to let you know how I feel.

How do you really feel about me, Charles Hamilton?
Do you still care about what other people think of you?
Are you afraid of asking yourself what the problem is?

To the 3rd question, I have.
The problem is an individual.
A control freak.
A loving, yet self-centered control freak.

Maybe he's the 2 of love I've been searching for.
Except hate can be as strong as the love I possess.
Do I really have to pause anything at this point in my life?

~follow the buzzards~

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