Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Now deal."

I've made a decision.
This decision affects how many people listen to my music.
It shouldn't.
But it does.
And here I am, feeling like an attention whore for wanting more listeners.

There is a very special reason why my music "changes" when you listen to it.
Yes, all my music is mastered.
Yes, it's all mixed.
No, not all of it is lo-fi.
But accepting the fact I'm special means to accept all that comes with it.

Maybe some people aren't meant to listen to my music.

Yesterday, Chris and I (3rd Eye Magic) went to MTV. 
Can't get into detail about why we were there.
MTV has some special plans for its viewers.
But we were there.
Lol I saw Karen Civil.
Very happy to see her.
I wish her well.


This "retail" album everyone is waiting for is coming.
It just sounds like everything else.
It's not totally trapped out.
Sound wise, it just sounds like everything else.
No real dynamics.
Thankfully, I know the engineer.
The future.
Kyle Ross.

I just feel too many people are excited to become a consumer.
I give you lessons and wisdom for free, and you'd rather empty emotions you can pay for?

Sounds like the desensitizing of the world is complete.

Let me clarify something.

I mean everything I say in a song.
Even (and especially) when it's written.
But I prefer to do so over my production.
And when I'm on my own production, I usually don't like to write.

I'm like a Charizard with music.

A Charizard with Charisma.

Jono, we love you!
Just gotta get you a line of coke and some Hennessy.

I'm out.

~follow the buzzards ~

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