Friday, April 01, 2016

Drafting out

I'm aware today is April Fools Day.
I have no jokes for you today.
In fact, I have a request.
Take everything I have ever said dead serious.
I think the issue is people think I'm a laughing matter.
Or, maybe you don't.

The duality of it all still gets to me.

So I'm gonna try working on the Maschine, despite my love affair with GarageBand.
It's just harder to sample on this thing.
I'll figure it out.
At best, it's probably time to start making original beats.
I just got sooooo good on GarageBand.


Today should be pretty quiet.
I had a blast last night with Justin and the HipHopDX crew.
We talked about music politics a lot.
Then listened to some music.
Shit was cool.

I'm going back in the studio to work with some cats on the album.
Just a different approach.
They want some records to tie together more cohesively.
I disagree, but I'm being a team player, so here goes nothing.

My day been started.
Probably be back on here later.

~follow the buzzards~

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