Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ivy League Thuggin'

I never claimed to be a thug.
I just got fluent in Ebonics and street knowledge.
Basically, I know how to survive.
I've made my contacts in the hood.
I'm thankful none of them took advantage of my loving nature.
Regardless, I still claim Harlem as my hood.

I'm just not as hood as hip-hop would require me to be.

I articulate, and use my vocabulary in my verses.
Even with my sample selection.
For that reason, I'm very choosy about where I choose to network.
Now, I've made some less-than-wise decisions about where I network.
But they always paid off.
It may be luck.
But I believe in a force that guides me through the universe.


And SEGA is hood.

That I have to adjust to.

Well, in SEGA, and in the world in general, you're either hood or ghetto.
Hillary Clinton is ghetto, though she is hood at heart. 
She's Silver the Hedgehog.
Bernie Sanders is hood, and naturally hood.
He's Sonic the Hedgehog.
But so is Donald Trump.

A name that reigns heavy in the ghetto.

Steve Jobs was ghetto.

This iPhone I have was bought in the hood.

So when a hood like Harlem is being gentrified to be a ghetto, it makes for hard feelings amongst both sides.

I am completely ignoring Nintendobin this entry, because I feel they are to blame for overall world poverty.
And their solution isn't good enough.

Men, stand up for your manhood.
Say no to The Black Market.

You gain whatever you wish for, but you lose the vey essence that makes you a man.

Stay tuned.

~follow the buzzards~

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