Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ownership and Stripping

I used to own the world.
On some Secret Society, inheritance type shit.
Before he passed, I ordered that all due worship go to J Dilla.
Not even realizing that he's Chuck.
One of three.
Chuck, Charlie and Charles.
While Charlie remains quiet in this whole thing, Chuck is reining.

And it feels like he forgot about me.

Well you know what?
And while you're at it, strip my 6 away too.
If there's one thing I learned, it's best to not try to be a 6.
I'm surrounded by them, but I have no clue how to be one.

So as it stands now, my 6 is in limbo and 3 is broken.

If nothing happened to me, either by the hands of Jeff or by anyone else, I'm DEFINITELY still 3.
It's just, this whole 6 thing leads to greed and envy.

I know someone out there understands what I am saying.

You've been following my life up until this blog entry.

You probably want to hear about this album.
It sounds great, no planned features, and it's all written.

It's for you.

Lord KNOWS what it would be if this was something for me.

You Secret Society niggas are doing a terrible job of maintaining your bottom line.

~follow the buzzards~

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