Saturday, April 02, 2016

Poor Sonic

Music has been abusing him for centuries.
Extremely high frequencies.
Un-natural low frequencies.
Exploited mid frequencies.

I have always taken pride in my skill with mixing in the mid range.
But in order to save Sonic from pending assaults on him and SEGA, I have to master all frequencies.

So the bass in my music (in general, but moreso as of recent) is ridiculous.
And I make the high sizzle.

But not burn your ears.

Listening to Dr. Dre and Beck made me want to master and experiment with sound.
J Dilla's sound inspired me incredibly.
Without question.
But before I got into Dilla, there was always RZA.
And Alchemist.

I find that the more raw (read: lo-fi) the sound, the more authentic the message.
But the message better be the most epic and clear.

My message is simple:
SEGA is the alien centrinical force from which creation occurs and occurred.
This making God a woman.

More on this on 4/20.

Mark your calendars.

~follow the buzzards~

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