Saturday, April 16, 2016


I watch.
I listen.
Actions speak louder than action.
So I stay drama-free.
Life is similar to a movie.
But it's far from it.
Only the feeble mind would believe movies are real life.
Inspired by, yes.
But not actually a factor of life.
Movies require thought, planning, resources and patience.
The good ones, essentially.
Good music is in the same vein.

But it takes a certain type of individual to be a musician.

I will not teach you (via blog post) how to be a musician.
All I can say is, be ready and willing to devote all your time, as well as sacrifice your happiness.

I wonder if the masters of music knew they were masters.
I've had several masters call me a master.

I'm honored.

But in all honesty, according to my iPhone, I am a student of the game.

Despite being the master.
Watching from The Skybox.

~follow the buzzards~

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