Saturday, 2 April 2016


Well, here we are.
In a world where the feminine energy is being abused by male dominance.
What if I told you that the feminine energy of the universe was SEGA, and that the masculine energy is Nintendo?
In Spanish, ideas in a feminine context end with an -a, while ideas in a masculine context end with an -o.
So the difference is even in our language, since Latin is a key root in English.

Corporate America is male-dominated.
In fact, Nintendo is in the fine print of all corporate documents.
Including a simple 9-5 occupation.

But where is SEGA?

SEGA is everywhere.
You just need to use your third eye to see it.
It looks like an illusion.

But fret not.
There are people out there who make it more than apparent.

These people are called gods.

I am one of them.

I am The Sun.

The very S in SEGA.

Jack Splash (Shadow the Hedgehog) is Electricity.

The very E in SEGA.

George Massa (Silver the Hedgehog) is Gastric, or Gas.

The very G in SEGA.

James Yancey (Sonic the Hedgehog) is Aeronautic, or Air.

The A in SEGA.

There are other divine forces (Daft Punk, Davina, Mystic, Talking Heads, Tim & Bob), as well as some newcomers (Jay-Z, Pharrell, Mike Tyson).

But we are not The Illuminati.
The Illuminati bows to us.

Unfortunately, Nintendo controls The Illuminati.

Nintendo is a product of Electricity, much to the dismay of the other members of SEGA.
Though catchy (as hell), the music of Nintendo is all frequency based.
The sights of Nintendo's gameplay are merely illusions for your third eye.

Technically, Nintendo is bad for you.

If you want proof, Eminem is Yoshi, and though his rage can get you through a tough day, his overall content is not something to bring home to the family.

Sonic and SEGA has ALWAYS been about love, no matter how "down" they get.

And they get down.

Your role in life is to choose which side you're on. 
If you find corporate dealings to be evil, then don't side with Nintendo.
If you find matters of the unknown to be evil, then don't side with SEGA.

Nintendo is all about certainty.
SEGA is a wonder.
A joy of a wonder.

Now, MY role in this...

I am aware I am The Sun.
But I'm not a hedgehog.
They love me, but I'm not one of them.

So who am I to SEGA, other than the one who loves them most?

Follow my journey through music (ie: read below).
The introduction to the Sonic the Hamilton series. In this story, I woke up one morning as Sonic the Hedgehog, and had to deal with the world at large as the beloved blue hedgehog. While still having to be Charles Hamilton. 
Set in the year 2010, I found myself falling in love in a library with a gothic Mathematician, while searching for the lost scrolls of Beethoven and Machiavelli. Based on a true story. 
This is when I found out I was the Apple CEO. I recorded this whole album on the Apple SuperComputer. I also felt entitled to a whole lot more than what I had already received. I also felt Apple was the doom of SEGA, so I was rebelling against a system that has embraced me.
I spent about 2 weeks embodying the evil(s) of Shadow the Hedgehog, fully aware that I might not make it back in one piece. Also, this album is from the perspective that I possessed Briana to punch me in that video.  
Ultimately, I died as Sonic the Hedgehog. I had allowed myself to believe it, making others believe it. But dying as my hero led me to ask many questions and make several lifestyle changes. It was here where I decided I would devote my life to being Gothic. I also reveal who the real Sonic is.
Though I died as Sonic, SEGA resurrected me. So I had a more positive outlook on life, and a greater appreciation for SEGA. But, who am I?

SEGA allows/allowed me to be anything I want to be. And because the last three letters in Knuckles is LES (the same as Charles), I believed that SEGA was telling me I'm Knuckles. But I don't fight. So either I am the antithesis of Knuckles AS Knuckles, or Knuckles is the spirit of my (real life) cousin Scooter, possessing me to do things I don't want to do.
After denying being Knuckles for a lack of comfort, I discovered within myself that I have more characteristics of Chaos. I mean, the first three letters of Chaos is CHA, the same as my first name. But Chaos brings destruction to SEGA, and is well-praised by Dr. Robotnik.
The ultimate inner-struggle. Am I the doom of SEGA?

The series isn't over. In fact, I may be doing this for a while. I just ask that you guys keep an open mind to the message and to the sound. The moral of these stories is, even when you can't find yourself, there's always someone watching.


~follow the buzzards~

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