Saturday, April 09, 2016

Sweet delay!

It's been a few days since I last posted.
Just been record hunting.
It takes a special kind of record for me to sample it nowadays.
Before, I used to sample anything.
Then I got inspired to take things higher.
So now, I really dig for the records and break them down.
I can still make a beat pretty fast, but it's about mastery.

I have to make sure the record is felt.

I notice my flow is getting recognition.
I have Obie Trice and Jay-Z to thank for that.
Obie is one of the illest.
For real.
Definitely inspired me in 2010.

It's only April.
But still, I have a lot of music.
And that's not even getting into the album.

Stay patient.
I'll lace you.

I'm glad no one has asked me who I'm voting for.
Whoever wins isn't getting an 8-year term.
Unless they slay a dragon in the first 4 years.

Just my prediction.

~follow the buzzards~

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