Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Mystery Machine

Who told you I don't love the color pink anymore?
I LOVE the color pink.
I'm just not as positive as I was when I first met it.
But pink and I have a history.
A bond.
It all started in 8th grade for me.

My class had to draw pictures of our names.
Mine was black, red and pink.
With a little green and blue.
My teacher wasn't crazy about it.
My classmates had jokes.
But it represented, to me, the future.

Alas, pink became more than just a color.
It became a way of life.
Some mornings, the sky is pink.
Pink is the color of a woman's womb.
Pink is the color of everyone's insides.
Pink is the color of your brain.
So I expressed my love for the color pink by wearing it, all through high school.

Or, at least, when mom would allow it.

But once you wear pink, you have to identify with it forever.
In 2013, I felt more negative energy coming from me and those around me.
The pink within seemed to fade.
Red was a day away.
All I felt was war.

So, I switched to green.

A more aggressive, yet accessible color.

I can't say I'm all the way happy.
But I love Green.

Much respect and love to the color Green.

The mystery is, what color is force?

I've seen it pink, and I've seen it green.

And I know it's an element.
Like water.
But when can I see it again?

Only time will reveal.
Until then, Im gonna keep doing my green thing.

~follow the buzzards~

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