Wednesday, April 06, 2016

To Piss Off A Barbershop

Niggas in the hood always say Jadakiss can't make albums.
They clearly don't know anything about the game.
Or the sacrifices you have to make to get somewhere.
Jadakiss always brings his lyricism.
Producers are honored to work with him.
Other MCs know working with him will bring them credibility.
Label execs (minus Jimmy God-ovine) can see his worth.
But, to "increase the chances of visibility", they (the label heads) instruct him to make "accessible" records.

But what's access to a hood nigga?

All I ask from this game is, respect the tears of an artist.
Some artists are so gifted, they have to be humble (timid) to get to the next level.
Others are willing to sell their soul, to take the place of those who made a plead for success through talent.

The game sucks.
The "most intelligent rapper" is a global distraction from The Black Market.
The "hardest rapper" doesn't exist anymore.
There's only songwriters and legends nowadays.
Not a bad thing.
But when the songs of the songwriters are pissing of the legends, and the legends are trying to fit in, the game suffers.
No one has a bottom line anymore.

Lil Wayne has a point.
No one wants to be the "best rapper alive" anymore.
I have to be honest.
I don't want to be the best rapper alive.
I want to be The Urban Burt Bacharach.

Feel it.

Jadakiss is a warlock.
On his way to being a witch.

The -CH in witch gives you validity.

Acknowledge the magick.

Ya basdit!


~follow the buzzards~

(and for the argument for barbershops, Kiss doesn't have a wack album.)

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