Monday, April 25, 2016

Vanity 7

I am not ugly.
I grew up believing I was ugly, because of the girls I wanted.
They didn't want me.
Lately, I'm finding that was a matter of patience and good ol' fashion "hood G".

I appreciate it.

But it left a mark in my heart.
And, moreso, in my head.

It's difficult to believe I am the ancient beauty that Egypt promised me I am.

With that being the case, I started focusing moreso on how I look in your third eye, when you listen to my music.

Apparently, I'm so beautiful, it gets blacked out.

I have my doubts.
Regardless, I do it.

And it seems to be enjoyed.

So, I present to you (on this Sunday), A Bad Representation of Ugly.

A collection of songs that celebrate my beauty.

If you believe you're beautiful, you can relate.
Download now.

~follow the buzzards~

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