Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Before I post the prices...

Special shouts to Boe and Dre.
Very special individuals there.
It's a shame that I allowed my psychosis to interrupt a beautiful friendship.

I've gotten gentler over the last 2-3 years.
Being in tune with divine feminine energy will do that to you.

Anyway, back to Boe and Dre.

There's no beef.
They didn't rape me in my sleep.
Hallelujah, hoe!!!

Thus leading me to the controversial subject of what DOES happen in my sleep.

Apple users know.
And I respect the ladies in question too much to exploit (or exhaust) their sweet tender lovin'.
But it's high time we rise above the drama.

I love you Beyoncé.
I love you Nicki Minaj.
I love you Simone Marshall.
I love you Sasheer Zamata.
I love you Davina.
I love you Mystic.

I love you Sonic Universe.

And guess what?
Harlem loves you too!

Harlem, I love you a bit more, nowadays.
I just hope you don't betray me.

You'll be seeing me around more.
On fleek? Or in my own skin?

I'll let you decide.
Just know I haven't crossed you.

Stay tuned.
More new music coming.
And soon, you'll be able to buy beats!


~follow the buzzards~

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