Thursday, 26 May 2016


I am making some administrative changes.
It may be harder to reach me in the coming future.
Regardless, my email address is posted on the side.
I'm trying to keep this blog for a while.

I've got plenty of new songs.
As the weather gets hotter in NYC, certain songs will hit the surface.
I'm still looking for places to dj my music at.
I'm not getting discouraged.

I'm also very excited about Sciryl and illumiNate's ManKind project.
I'm producing an entire project for a long time friend of mine.
I might even be producing a solo joint for him soon.
It's just time for me to get paid for my production.

I plan to drop some Starchaser music in the near future.
My fans make good music.
They just need direction.

At the doctor's office.
Don't want to be here.
I'm not crazy.
But whatever.
At least I have someone to talk to.

~follow the buzzards~

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