Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Funk vs. Instinct Official Video

"First off, when mothafuckaz play this record, it better go beyond the computer. I want this shit in the clubs. If you DJ, I'll personally send you a drop if you drop this during your sets. Email me at for more info. Second off, this beat is bananas. The hook is groundbreaking and the bars are ecstatic. Thanks to Charles for the flip and thanks to Dove for the edit. Keep it real and keep shining folks. Funk and Instinct have officially collided."
-C. Young

This is an uptempo reach at having fun, despite a poor romantic decision.
The sample shouldn't be too hard to guess.
And I don't usually make stuff for you to dance to, so it's safe to say I want you to have fun.
Chris is a hard working Hedgehog, and I'm the Phantom of the SEGA.

This one's for the universe.

Expect some more new music, soon.

~follow the buzzards~

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