Monday, May 16, 2016

Production Prices

So here we go.

1 beat = $760 (non-negotiable)
A whole album = $4000 (I only produce 7-track albums; non-negotiable)
A whole album, plus mixing and mastering = $8000
A whole album, plus a verse = $8000, plus $600 per verse

I'm aware I should charge more, but I sample.
You have to cover the clearance fee.
I make non-sampled beats as well.
To compose an entire song IS negotiable, price wise.
But no less than $1500.

I am proficient in ProTools, but for the bigger picture, I have an AWESOME analog setup for GarageBand.
So if you record with me (and not in a studio of your choosing), you will have the choice.

For worship's sake, choose GarageBand.


(sighs to self)

To contact me about production, contact me at

I'll be around.

~follow the buzzard~

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