Tuesday, 3 May 2016

State of Emergency Address

We are in DOOM.
The government can and will do whatever they feel.
This does not affect SEGA, except allow them to do whatever they feel.

Just had to address that real quick.

While I'm addressing things, I want to address this little murmur.

I have no beef with Black Thought.

I met him in LA at LAX, and was too overwhelmed to speak.
He saw me though.
I think I might have been too starstruck to speak.
But it wasn't an insult.
I respect him, and want to learn more about him.

I am also curious about ?uestlove.
I think he is underrated, though my first instrument was the drums.
I do wish, however, that he wouldn't stay in the pocket so much.
But that's what makes him remarkable.
He drums like DJ Premier on the MPC.

That's dope.

I can do that.

I just want him to prove he can blow out these other drummers.

I think he can give Travis Barker a run for his money.

I also think he's a goth.

I love you J Dilla.
Don't let no one overshadow.

Not even the overlords.

Madlib, where you at?

Soon, I'll be posting my production prices.
I'll be in the producer's chair for a lot of 2017.

I'll also be DJing a lot, and DJing with the INFAMOUS DJH2.


~follow the buzzards~

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