Saturday, 28 May 2016

Super Genesis

I just had a great talk with my soon-to-be former manager.
And not because he's soon to be former.
It's actually mad love between me and Turn First.
We just disagree with the seemingly formal practices of this business.


Anyway, we came to the conclusion that biology is the union between SEGA AND Nintendo.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Why did it come up?

Well, 96% of the music  you've been consuming since the late 1940s is and was produced biologically.

As in, some gay and lesbian shit.
Virtually satanic, but wholisticly wrong.
Wrong, because the parties involved lose their soul.

Sorry, Beyoncé.

Use your third eye to expose the fake.
I'm not here to name names.

But sorry, Beyoncé.

I do not practice homosexual rituals to make music.
Never have, never will.

And since using GarageBand, it's even more of a third eye experience.

So I have to be extra careful.

I love you J Dilla.

Sonic is God.

Iovine, you and I, 6 o'clock.


~follow the buzzards~

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