Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Thanks for everything, boss.

You make me wet.
I'm not angry enough to be you.
I was taught to fear you.
I am a Satan-fearing 6.
So many people claim to be you.
SEGA loves you, but reigns as you.

Can you make me a better musician?
A better rapper?

Can you help me love my others more and better?

Can you help me control my psychic evil?

Jimmy and you have a lot in common.

You are why I made Jimmy bow to Em.

Where is God?

God is my wonder.

You are my boss.
My king.
My Dilla.
Thank you.

God, protect Drake.
I just need you to enjoy my music.

Satan, make me strong enough to defeat my enemies without touching them.

Does worship go to you or me?

~follow the buzzards~

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