Saturday, 28 May 2016

When Wrap Meets Fact

There was a time I didn't respect The Weeknd.
I have a very logical explanation.


He was just one of many.
A Canadian OFWGKTA member.

Sucked ass to hear him all over the place.

What made matters worse, he was with Drake.

The Hamiltonian Antichrist.

As said with love.


I spent time analyzing him, only to find that he has a secret (within SEGA) he would like me to share.

But it's delicate.
To share this secret means to take away from his mystery.

Damn, Hov.
Is there anything you can't do?

The other reason I don't want to share with you who he is goes as follows:


You ratchet (rachit) coke whores had enough of him in the last 4 years!

Let me be late on the band wagon and just ride it until the wheels fall off!!!

I'd rather my Gothik cherry be popped by him than Frank Ocean ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!

Special shouts to Halo.
Keep doin' it!!!

Back to Abel.

His voice is the insecurity of SEGA.
Enjoy at your own risk.
You are not ready for what The Weeknd can bring to you with his lyrics.
His voice can be a lullaby, if your high enough.

But the production is what makes him so difficult to listen to.
But that's what makes it so genius.

Sha-leik already flipped a few Weeknd joints.
I don't like sampling modern pop music, but I do it.

As evidenced by the new music I'll be releasing.

Starchasers, it's time to come together.
If you really want to see me financially better off, I have some products I'll be releasing in the near future.
I need your support.
Don't worry about the label.
Don't worry about management.

"I'll explain later!"
-Jay Z, "Run This Town"

~follow the buzzards~

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