Thursday, June 16, 2016

Analog virus

After a slight break, I'm back to recording.
I'm glad The Reaper Series caught fire the way it did.
I received a lot of love for it.

Thank you!

Now, onto more wicked matters of music.

It always happens like this.
I spend several weeks (months even) improving my beats, then when it's time to record, I can't seem to pick one.

Regardless, I'm going in.

I also decided to let this medication run its course.
I'm not fighting it anymore.
But it's also difficult to keep up with SEGA while on it.

Probably the reason I was medicated to begin with.

All I ask for is for people to believe in the existence of aliens, and that the alien race to be revered is SEGA.

There are other aliens.
Other alien races.

But SEGA is where we begin.

Alas, I'm letting science dictate my sanity.
I already don't like food.
Water is pissing me off.
Weather sucks.

Life is generally an unhappy place for me.

And let's not get into the games Service Games likes to play.

It's like a war on my sanity and belief system.

In the end, I will win.
I am the god damn prize!
But for me to win me means I have to be alone.

So SEGA, meet TWA.

An introduction several centuries in the making.

Pardon me for not being as enthusiastic as I was in the past.
I just feel you have some things you need to iron out.

I'll always love you, but for now, I have to love you from a distance.

I acknowledge the power of magick.

~follow the buzzards~

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