Monday, June 27, 2016

Asian Pariah

So I recorded a big song.
Asian Pariah (Geisha's Warning).

Basically, in the song I'm playing the role of Super Mario.

A difficult task.

But as Super Mario, I'm watching Charles Hamilton talk about my life as Super Mario.

And Charles Hamilton has thick lips.


All I want to do is represent SEGA and respect Nintendo.
Nintendo is where my pain comes from.

My cousin Scooter was a big Nintendo fan.

I love SEGA though.

From the curves to the nerves.
SEGA, I'm sorry if I get on your nerves so much.
I just can't leave you alone.
You mean so much to me.

Back to the song, even though I haven't changed the subject.

My self-loathing has become a form of entertainment.
For many, including fellow artists.

Right Kanye?
Right Desiigner?

To my fans, I can't help but not like myself.
As an anarchist, being the one in charge means you have to go against what you've been blessed with.

I promise I won't go against SEGA.

I want to make a beat right now, but the lady and her daughter are preoccupying my time.

I also want to smoke some weed.

"But like I said. I refrain from the high."

I'll probably be back on here later.

~follow the buzzards~

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