Monday, 6 June 2016

"Let me explain..."

So I dropped 3-4 songs over the weekend.
Drake did too, but I like to think I'm causing gray hair in that man's head.

He's certainly led to some strokes and seizures for me.

All love, Drizzy.


My songs (as usual) need explaining.

So here we go.

"Leave Me Now (Tsip)" basically an overdosage of Bombasex.
Don't know what Bombasex is?

Allow me to explain.

It is a rhythmic chant.
You're supposed to have sex during this chant.
The more you chant it, the wilder, wetter and freakier the sex is.

But it's to a rhythm.

You have to stay focused and keep on beat.

Unfortunately, my focus is always and forever SEGA.

So, I am inviting SEGA to dance the forbidden dance of Bombasex, with me, to this song.

Another unfortunate.

I found another level of Bombasex.

You'll only discover such when you're in my presence.

It's so tempting to actually POST the chant on my blog.

But if I do that, there's no reading anything else on The Internet.

The Internet, when placed as an acronym, is TI.

Maybe I'm the TI of The Internet.

lol let me leave it here.

"Boils" a remix of WWE's Bray Wyatt's Titantron Music.
I basically embodied Bray Wyatt to spit these verses.
Kinda spooky, I must admit.

But I've been involving myself in Satanic/Pagan rituals.

All by myself.

Or, in the presence of those invisibly with me.

But since when have aliens been visible?

In essence, along with being the TI of The Internet, I'm the Bray Wyatt of Urban Music.

I would say music in general, but there's Prince.

And J Dilla.

"Blissful Intent" my prayer to Silver the Hedgehog.
It could be OUR collective prayer to the reluctantly seductive square of existence.

If you've had a conversation with me in recent years, you'll know that Steely Dan has replaced Incubus in my favorite band-o-meter.

Steely Dan is actually a sin from Silver.

And the only way he/she/it can be forgiven is if he/she/it gives me that fat, furry white... (and then we segue into...)

"Maxim For Women"

okay. so I feel REALLY guilty about my relationship with women. it's not my fault, though. I'm straight, talented, paranoid, handsome, and girl crazy. with that said, I'd like to admit to an orgy I had with all women. 

All women.


Damn, penis. You didn't even ask for it. 

But I will say this:

Women, you now have no excuse not to believe in SEGA. Because ONLY SEGA can get from me what you got. 

Then again, I was looking forward to being worshiped, so I can fuck the holy hell out of a mass majority of women.

I guess I was counting my chickens before they hatched.

First Eminem, then Pharrell, then J Dilla, then Drake, then Jay-Z.

So many males are worship-level.

So you have options, women.

And yet you shared your love with me?

Thank you.

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