Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Samson's weakness

I am not tempted to cut my hair.
But it's been confusing those who got to know me from 2015.
I'm sure I was attractive, but I wasn't happy.
I was wearing clothes I didn't like, singing songs I didn't like, and talking out of character, though more refined.

However, I got paid.

At least the sacrifice wasn't as drastic as the ones others had to make.

But why am I worried about other artists?
All I have to do is focus on my success.

Well, VinylPop was designed for artistic freedom.
The sharing of art for resources.
The movie Pay It Forward was based on the VinylPop system.

I was kinda pissed about it when the movie came out.

Back to my hair.

As a Black man, I see my hair as a crown.
As a musician, me growing my hair is a way of saying I am capable of maintaining my inner beauty and talent, in front of you.
Strange, because I don't like performing anymore.

I will be performing soon, however.

I might be stuck performing Brooklyn Gorls forever.

Well, as long as you (the reader) are aware that I have more music than just that one song.
Then I can create in peace.

~follow the buzzards~

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