Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer SixSixSixteen

Props to Drake.
But I recently dissed him.
I got tired of being plagued with the thought of him taking me out of the game.

So yeah.
Props, but I shot at you.

On the mic, though.

I'm not ducking anyone's fade.

Shouts to Boe and Dre.
I'm done targeting and racially profiling you guys.
I think you guys are cool.

Rest in peace, Talise.
The world wasn't ready for you.
I dealt with you.
I took care of you.
I hope you're happy in the after life.

I'm writing this blog entry, because I'm going to go underground for a while.
Translation, expect some new music soon.

God, I've replaced you with Silver the Hedgehog.
So when I pray, it's telepathic communication between me and... Silver.
I can't say he or she, because Silver is both George Massa AND Beyonce.

Makes for a suck ass therapy session.

To bust a nut or tell the truth?

I love Dr. Costakis.

What's it gonna take for this mission to be completed?

I hope all those who plan on "bumrushing the sound" understand I really worked hard to enjoy the perks of what MAY come.


Too esoteric.

Jay, we need to talk.

~follow the buzzards~

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