Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Thank You, New York.

For letting me grow here.
For allowing me to find myself here.
For believing.
If you still do...

Last night was special.

I spun my modern-day records.
Some Fear the Reaper, some Chronometry,  Please Listen..., and more.
And I gave commentary.
Both as a dj AND as a magician.

You had to see it to believe.
There are pictures, though.

My homie Bred Wondah was there!
Was a pleasure to see him.

He said he wants to see me rock the mic again.
I can do it, I just feel I can say more when spinning.

I've slowed down my thinking process, and slept on some very important people..
So my mind is in recalibration.

But my bottom line remains.

The aliens.


~follow the buzzards~

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