Friday, July 08, 2016

Civilians at war (a subliminal title)

To be civil in a time of unrest.

She was my security.
Funny, because I wanted her to be free to be so.
She was Justice.

Now everyone has access to her.

Yet, no one is receiving her.

Except for thugs.

She is Justice.
She is street justice.
She is legal justice.

And I rarely get to see her.

I'm laying on her lap right now.
But she isn't the Justice I need.

The original sample to "On To He Next One".

If I don't comment on these killings at the hands of police, I'm as irrelevant as  Justice.

But Justice says one irrelevant.

All you have to do is acknowledge Sonic as the root of Ameria's problem.

Then it will all go away.

Think I'm kidding?

Do it.

Go ahead, Trump.
Reveal yourself.
Hillary, not tonight.

Unless you're the Justice rubbing my head right now.

Lisa, in not cheating.

Justice is.

And Justice, despite how curvy she is, can be a bitch.
Just don't call her that to her face.

Justice knows who she is.
She knows very well.
Ever since I left her to be with Crime, she's been bad mouthing me through her art.

I forgive her.
I wish I could have a night of unrestricted...

Such a wish coming true would lead to no more Justice for you.

But to even consider my words right now is to consider me a credible voice of ...reason.

Or Logic.

My eyes have seen Injustice.
I have been in Justice.
I have committed a Crime.
I am committed to Crime.

Admitting so makes me a target.
Just like you, Black man.

I have committed sins beyond the repair of prayer.

Can you forgive me God?

Now can you give me all magick?


Now can you help me be more confident in Music?
The lady I've loved before Justice?

Justice, why won't you love me the way I need you to?

Which is right now, and wherever we go...

I'm tired of losing because of you.
When I win, in tired of you taking credit.
When I'm being judged, stop making the judges laugh at my expense.

Or is this merely a sign of geriatric youth?

~follow the buzzards~

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