Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cop Killer

This post could get me flagged.

When Ice-T dropped Cop Killer, it got him crucified.
By white media.
Black people embraced it.
We are natural rebels.

Corruption is our kryptonite.

But yet we glorify the hustle.

It's a hustle to be a cop, too.

Do you know how many kilos they come across?
I wouldn't be surprised if this whole "cops gone wild" thing is a cover up for the drug trade.
Each of the slain were said to have looked like a suspect.

But being Black makes you look like a suspect.

So fine.

I'm gonna offer my own stereotypes.
I think all white men are gay.
I think all white women are easy.

Does this make you uncomfortable?

How can The All Seeing Eye not be biased?
Bias is all around it.

It being The All Seeing Eye.

Is it not enough that The Eye is Black?
Could the thought of a Black God and Hispanic angels be too much for you, white supporter/supremacist?

Yes, I've been mistreated by Black folks.
And yes, I've tried to deny my race.

But you'll always be brought back down to Earth in times like these.

Fellas, try to stay away from wearing red or blue.
The gang unit of the NYPD does not care about your fashion sense.
Ladies, don't use sex to entice a cop into not harassing you.
Might be the hardest thing in the world to do.
But your womanhood is more valuable than you can imagine.
Don't waste lust over your freedom.
You'll forever be enslaved.

On the toilet.
Be back later.

~follow the buzzards~

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