Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I think I'm done with secular hip-hop.
I am told to boast, but my trophies are taboo.
I been told to count my blessings, by the very people who threatened my state of being.
My subject manner has been divine.
It's just not apparent to the common man.

But God understands what I'm talking about.

Even when I don't.

I think that's the similarity between me and Future.
Sometimes we can't articulate the feeling.
It just comes out in words.


I can't give you my brain to make you understand what I'm saying.
And The Illuminati isn't available to all for my secrets to be revealed.
Add to the fact that God is someone I was forced to believe in, as well as told doesn't exist.

With God existing, there's no more room for Jommy Iovine.

Or J Dilla, for that matter.

My visions of Jesus spitting my lyrics  still haunt me to this day.
SEGA, I asked you to exist.
You only show up when it's convenient for you.

So from now on, in doing Gothspel.

God-fearing, humble music.
It probably won't get me far, but at least there will be some sort of divinity I can lean on for understanding.

Aliens, I love you.
But if I am not the God you serve, it's time for me to get right with God.

I have everything to you.
Including me.

I don't even have enough for music.

But that's what love makes you do.
Give everything you got to something that can walk away from you at one's leisure.

Back later.

~follow the buzzards~

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