Friday, July 15, 2016

MaybeMaybe Not

God is playing a prank on me.
She knows I believe in aliens (SEGA), but wants me to believe in and worship her to bring hem closer.
It would be a fair trade, but I have my soul away in the name of art.
A noble cause, but still.


I'm glad I have a girlfriend, though.
That makes it easier.

I wonder if souls grow back after a while...

I've been recording with Black the Beast (Tyrone).
Making beats and recording songs.
Yesterday I was with Skitzo .
He produced "Get Em Girls" and a few more hits for Dip Set/Cam'ron.

Learned some key things.

If you want more music, just be patient.
I have to wait for this mainstream album to drop, to gauge where the world is with sound.

People like how G sounded.

It just... I feel like an ametuer.
I played and rapped as you (the listener) would like me to have.

No chances.
No experiments.
Just standard excellence.

I've grown past the days of "Writtens for the people".
But "the people" are insisting on written verses.

Much to my dismay.


Just know I go hard without a pen.

~follow the buzzards~

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