Friday, July 22, 2016

Opening up.

Today's therapy session was A LOT.
We talked about my mother.
I don't really like talking about my mother.
She was hard on me like no other.
I grew to resent it.
At the same time, I appreciate it.
Her lessons transcend life and death.

May my children never turn gay or lesbian.
It will ruin their lives like no other sin.
Yes, I pray they stay away from drugs and alcohol.
And I hope they can avoid peer pressure.

I don't want them to fall into the pits I fell for.
Don't want them to be attention whores.

The spotlight is so tempting.
And Hamiltons steer away from the spotlight.

Being a star is in our blood.
But being shy is deeper.

My mother wasn't shy.
She was outgoing, but didn't like to be seen.

A shame, because she was so pretty.

Lisa is my queen.
She respects my 6.
I wish more women respected my 6.

I wish more PEOPLE respected my 6.

I am The Sun.

I feel like writing that about 600 times on my blog.
But I have more to say.

I'll just leave it like this.
Once you find your self and your light, don't be afraid to share it.

Just don't get exploited.


~follow the buzzards~

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