Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pay attention.

Two projects, currently in production.
Definitely the start of a new movement.
One of which is an #StH.

SEGA, hold on tight.

Might not be released until after the retail album.
Or, it just might stay underground.

I don't mind being underground.
I probably should, though.
Underground artists are rarely happy.

Lately it seems that people are more concerned about my happiness.
Well, it bothers me that I sacrificed my happiness for magick.
And I'm glad it bothers you, too.
But music is the only thing that makes me happy.

And I want to be the greatest musician ever.

A combination of Dr. Dre and Drake, mixed by J Dilla, mastered by Madlib.
With Jay-Z's co-sign.

And Eminem's influence.

If I'm the best Charles Hamilton I can be, I'd be just like my father.
If I'm the best musician ever, I'd be just like my mother.

I have to be something else.
I have to be an Altered Beast.

But so many mortals possess Silver swords.
Drake slayed me with a Silver sword.

How can a beast rise when everyone is ready to kill him?

Questions answered within these 2 projects.

Stay tuned.

~follow the buzzards~

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